Who are they?

If  you are interested in a little off-road information concerning our team, you clicked the right link! The following information is neither complete nor official. Since the creation of homepages is mainly a bone job, we also think there should be a certain amount of fun in being in the internet (for us und for you), we are proud to present the makers of this web-site (and affiliates) - in no specific order. Please do note that any data given on the persons are not meant to be used for booking purposes (in that case, please use our contact page), it should merely give you a little insight to the involved people's personalities.

... and now for something completely different. Have "fnu"!

Who What Notes
Bernd Dupal

Creation, technics, german/ english content and those really dreadful computer-specific words Computer expert and programmer - which should tell everything. While adhering to everthing which consumes power, makes artificial noises or generally smells like a paddle, he also has a built-in allergic reaction to this big software house with the capital "M" as a leading character.

Favorite words: "Open Source", "Linux", "Skype" Skype Status
                      von Bernd Dupal and "Freeware".

Ferenc Varga

Spell-checking, informations, hungarian content and permanent nagging about irrelevant details Gastronomer - despite the fact that this word will no give his long professional practise any credit. As all hungarian people, he perfectly articulates tongue-breakers like "közönségszolgálat" and others, but fails miserably forming a proper english "th".

He is not too much into technics, but Skype Skype Status
                      von Ferenc Varga is allowed to continue existance.

Special concern: Establishing Hungaria as a land which can not only grow paprika - allegedly a prejudice. Correct, were there not also those famous violinists?

Döme Farkas-Varga

General responsibility, supervision, programming, security, checking out technics and chasing balls Hedonist. He shares the job of security personnel with his master, but they still have not reached an agreement of who makes what. The only sure thing that is that he can bark a slight bit louder than his master in case of sudden unexpected noises. Calm and frugal, his only worries are that the cats at hand could snitch his favourite yellow ball, or that his female master fails to provide him his share of her delicious pancakes.

Skills: Barfs fluently in German and Hungarian. He can't do the English version, even if there is no "th" in "bow-wow".

Christian Unterdechler

Graphic design, 3d-objects Java-consultant and permanent antialiasing Technics and pixel counting. If you are wondering why our small graphics fit into the background that well, this man knows why. Thanks to a rare-known technique called "anti-aliasing", basically meaning you dynamically recolour every single picture element ("pixel") of a graphic according to the background colour, you can achieve a unique - and never noticed - smoothness to a picture. To reach this goal, one has to have a certain endurance and a will for perfection.

Favorite slogan: "Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod"

Noël Varga

Technical consultant, flemish content (where?), superfluous chat programms and (three words:) pu-ber-ty! "World of warcraft"-gambler and adolescent. As teenager, he has dedicated himself to computer games and the other sex. No vacancies left there! Althaugh he follows his path with unequalled commitment, the sheer intricacy of his assignment sometimes causes a slight lack of success.

Language knowledge: Flemish and Hungarian. We know him to speak English as well, but he does not often use that language in public - maybe because his main knowledge of English revolves around swearwords? (marker: role playing in the Internet educates!)

MSN/e-Mail: varganoel@hotmail.com
Current girlfriend: Changing.