Welcome to Tóvirág guest house!


2 vacation rentals, each sized 120 m˛

completely furnished, a separated 30 m˛ living room / common room, TV-set with sat-receiver

fully prepared for groups up to 10 persons

kitchen, bathroom/shower cabins, toilets, balcony with lovely sea view

several parking lots, protected location

large gardens (total sum of 1000 m˛) with opportunity for outdoor grilling

bed and breakfast (plain fare), internet connection on demand


You are looking for We offer
... a place for you and your family to relax? Several quiet living spaces in a central area.
... a chance to find recreation for body and soul? No matter if you want to take healing baths, go hiking in fresh air, take a horseback ride through a beautiful countrysite, or simply test the specialities of the Hungarian kitchen -  you have got all that you want directly in the village, most of the offers reachable within 5 minutes by foot.
... variety for your children? Children are very welcome at our place. There is a broad palette of possibilities for them, inluding playgrounds and an aquapark.
... brain nourishment, art and culture? Hungary is a land of long tradition. This is reflected by village architecture, spreading over the whole environment. You can enjoy the village summer festivals, visit museums of all kinds (pottery, puppets, castles), join concerts in the castle hotel and much more. If you like to get to know the rest of Hungary, the local travelling agencies will be pleased to arrange day trips to the surrounding regions.
... games, fun and sport? Directly located in front of the house is an idyllic bathing lake with a connected amusement park - with a riding stable, a fishing lake, an open air stage and many more appealing opportunities. Or you choose one of the numerous hiking-and-biking trails through the fringing wood; you are bound to find something for your pleasure! The local restaurants will help to keep you well noutriated. Should you look for something out of the ordinary, we recommend the delta-flying airport directly in the village or a boat ride on the beautiful balaton - the nature reservation is worth some looks. For the golf lovers of you: Europe's largest golf place is also currently being built here!
... connection? You will not be "off civilisation" when you choose to stay at our place. The people here are extremely kind and friendly, and would be delighted to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Every bit of modern technology is available to you! Should you be concerned that your laptop might get rusty: Internet connection can be arranged on your request.