Map, surroundings and locations


How do you reach us?



É 46 °48' 22.13" = 46.8061465°
K 17
° 05' 23.61" = 17.0898929°


What are our attractions?

local offers

                                                                         video from lake

8ha amusement park with fishing options and a bating lake (seven-day-ticket for guest fishers available) 50m

riding stable (ride options, curricle rides), open air stage 50-700m

restaurants 300m

delta-flying airport 1000m

Europe's largest golf place 800m

castle, tennis place 400m

several general practitioners 600m


thermal bath 2km - Kehidakustány (->

Héviz thermal lake 8km (->

balaton 72km long / 12km (including sailing possibilities, boat rides)

museums, concerts 2-12km

several discotheques